An apparition of lovers.....

Ever see the movie Ladyhawk?

For Michelle

It will be so much safer this way to reach
across an abyss in ghostlike
A supernatural affair is the only
way that no one
For isn't it the human touch that
causes all of loves pains
When two perfect hearts in any beginning
always end up in emotional
Imagine for a moment
when you need heartsongs or touch of
my ghostlike arms
surrounding you
Or because what I need is to move you
my own apparition fulfills its
own desires
Yes you see now dont you ......
Just like her the ladyhawk and him the
wolf....he watches over her in daylight
and she him at night
They can only be so human opposite
each other

Yes they spend thier human forms
yearning and in natures form
I reach up in the daylight as you
land apon my leathered
arm for all time
And you my dear lady I protect
with my life as the wolf always
at your side
Then my love the only suffering
is the wanting

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singlmomat52 profile image

singlmomat52 4 years ago

Never a loss for words that digs deep into our souls and makes us think! Another awesome Hub!! It's amazing to me that these thoughts and words come from a mans mind. You never cease to draw out a longing in each of us. Thank you ahorseback once again!! Hope that all is well in your little corner of the world. Blessings!!

Hyphenbird profile image

Hyphenbird 4 years ago from America-Broken But Still Beautiful

I wrote a comment and think it got lost when my Kindle lost Internet connection. This is a fine poem on love and unceasing wanting. Indeed for some of us it never ends. I adore LadyHawk. It is a great and under appreciated movie. Lovely read here ahorseback.

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 4 years ago from TEXAS

Wow! That is beautiful beyond words - and so true. You found the right words to describe it. I'm sure if the lady reads it, she will be warmed and comforted.

Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

Gypsy Rose Lee 4 years ago from Riga, Latvia

Voted up and beautiful. Haven't seen the movie but your poem is wonderfully haunting and lovely.

rahul0324 profile image

rahul0324 4 years ago from Gurgaon, India

mesmerizing! An innocent divine ecstasy in the flow of each word!

D.Juris Stetser profile image

D.Juris Stetser 4 years ago from South Dakota

Well that settles it - I've GOT to see the movie!

You've done a wonderful poem here ahorseback. There's such tenderness in your 'voice',and I really love the line, two perfect hearts in any beginning always end up in emotional rehab! Mysterious, touching it's got it up and awesome!

raciniwa profile image

raciniwa 4 years ago from Naga City, Cebu

i haven't heard nor seen the movie...yet one thing i'm sure...this poem is superb...

ahorseback profile image

ahorseback 4 years ago Author

And so are you Raciniwa! so are you!........;_]

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