I can guide you , A SIRENS SONG

Beat beat beat

My senses are driven to the beat

But still I feel nothing

I wish too

I know you are still out there

I play these keys like an untuned piano trying to find some sort of melody which will move you

Move me

Still nothing

I sit alone

I sit alone not because I chose to

My fate has chosen me

Talking to the moon trying to get to you

I ache

Do you?

I know your out there somewhere far away

I can guide you back home

Back to me

Back to you

Back to where we used to be

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poetvix profile image

poetvix 6 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country.

Achingly bautiful.

Sunshiney31 profile image

Sunshiney31 6 years ago Author

Thank you poetvix :)

profile image

ralwus 6 years ago

Ooo a siren's song. love it. x

Sunshiney31 profile image

Sunshiney31 6 years ago Author

I can only hope so

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