I dnt Want to Cry. . .

Silent Beach of Goa

We girls bear much pain in life, but we don't want to share...

All the conditions are against me. . .

I am alone in a big big field,

I shattered to see the molested girls. .

the innocent girl babies

who die in the wombs of their mother. . .

But I Don't want to cry...!

I feel scared to walk alone

in the road,

I fear someone will take advantage

of darkness. .

I walk fast to reach home..

Every day I have to go through it. . .

All this terrify me. .

Bt I wont cry.

I got married.

And I was happy...

Now I am safe and

will always be happy and safe.

But I was wrong.

I was most unsafe.

He hits me when

I don't follow him.

He beats me,

When I cook, I serve food. .

I wash clothes.

Even when I make him happy with my flesh. . .

He makes my life hell. .

I, an Educated girl,

dearest of my parents,

lovely companion of my friends,

can do many works

the superior sex cant. . .

But I m helpless. .

I cant stop my tears.

But I dnt want to cry. .

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