I love you more than you know

 I love you....

did you know ?

I want you to always

know that i do

no matter where i am, or what i do

know that i love you

you are mine forever, in my heart

you have become one with my soul

i love you

did you know ?

i want you to never doubt

how i feel about you

this feeling so permanent

never waiving always unconditional

is my love for you

this feeling it does not leave me

this constant love that i have for you

will never die

death can not take it away

it will live forever like the moon that

shines at night and sun that burns

in the day

i love you 

and now you know 

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thevoice profile image

thevoice 6 years ago from carthage ill

terrific sweet heart loving hub thanks

myyrosas profile image

myyrosas 6 years ago Author

Thank you!

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