I wait to walk in shadow lands


I wait to walk in shadow lands, a mirror of my daily lands
I wait to whisper of my dreams, my hopes and fears of other things
I wait for peaceful curtains gray that whisper in a half-lit wind
A window dim with memories all brushed by summers that have been.

I need this place of dimming peace, this dying life of yesteryear
This future that I yearn toward, a silence of the mind and soul
I wait, I yearn, I close my eyes, my heartbeat slows and I exhale . . .
A hushling prayer of beckoning, an invitation questioning

Then vibrant you all bustle in, slicing my shadows all intruding
Jangling red and bolts of blue sweep away my cobwebs gray
Your energy firing ‘round, vibrant noise all filling up the edges
Until my pieces of peace flee to places unknown, all bruised and battered

And I sit in the world once again, mind-splattered by noise and chaos.


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