I walk

I walk

I walk through my garden of unexplored thoughts,

I replay the lessons of life that been lost.

I try to find meaning, while feeling numb,

while the world around me keeps getting more dumb.

In a hollowed out space inside my heart of gold,

a demon is present chilling my soul.

The killing fields I embrace in my dreams,

are filled with corpses I made in my teens.

I try to run, to hide from the fight,

the screaming is cold, my feet frozen,

The night.

Will my grave be shallow, or nailed to a cross, will I be remembered, or memory lost????.

The screaming is silent to all but my ears, and the fever that's killing me, gets hotter with years.

My tears boil, like water in a pot, as the burner gets red, it pours out the top.

A rolling thunder, a thunderous clap, the pain of a lovers thunderous slap.

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writer20 profile image

writer20 4 years ago from Southern Nevada

Wonderful poem, voted up, awesome and interesting.

lifehealpraise profile image

lifehealpraise 4 years ago from South Florida

Through the burning I find it hard to breathe. Memory tries to distort goodness yet grace finds a way and I'm reminded about forgiveness.... you express a beautiful honesty.

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