I was excited and bid Adios to my family. Relay writing


Travel though space and time

I was excited and bid Adios to my family. I looked to the sky and the space ship had gone. Perhaps it was never there in the first place. The sun was blinding and the heat vapour was tangible. I hate this kind of heat.

My heart sank, as I sat on the front porch. How silly of me. Why on earth would the Lord take me on a journey? Why would I think God would travel in a rocket?

"Are you coming or not my dear?" a woman's voice said quietly.

I looked up and a little old lady about 5ft tall was standing before me. The woman had a warm welcoming face, slightly round with golden blonde hair.

"Pardon?" I fumbled.

"Are you wanting to come with me or not? I thought you were going to make time this weekend" she smiled

"Yes but I thought..." I said

"I know I get that a lot" came her reply "Remember people put me in boxes and create an image of me."

"Are you coming for a spin?" she asked.

"Of course, try and stop me."

I stood up and suddenly the scenery had changed.

We were in a far off tribal village. "Where are we?" I asked "Africa" came the woman's reply.

"What do I call you?" I asked

"Whatever you like my dear, I answer when people call my name... There are many different names for me.... I answer to them all."

My perceptions had been blown out the water and right now I was not sure what to think.

We were in a middle of a village, outside the medical centre, queues were out the compound. Mothers with their babies that looked dehydrated, swollen bellies.

There was a doctor crouched, crying against the hospital block.

"I don't know how long I can do this he said. Choose who lives and dies"

"What do you mean?" I asked

"He can't see you or hear you" came the sweet tone of Momma.

"What does he mean?" I asked again

"There is not enough medicine....It is quite common really. Two children needing the same treatment, and only one infusion left until the next delivery. The doctor has to choose which child gets treated...the other one will probably come to be with me"

"Oh no that is awful, what can I do?"

"You can be a voice for the voiceless"


Here is your writing prompt –

"You can be a voice for the voiceless"

  • Create a new title (this one was- Travel though space and time)
  • Write a creative response (you decide point of view/genre/characters)
  • Identify the opening prompt and ending prompt - include the link
  • Have fun and enjoy reading the various responses!

NOTE - DO NOT copy anyone else's text...start with their ending prompt

you may copy and paste this portion, but you must edit the prompt and title.

Join in on the fun! See where it takes you and your reader. Be sure to link back to other continuations. :-)

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Ruchira profile image

Ruchira 4 years ago from United States

Beautiful and heart touching story tricia :)

Maybe I can continue where you left off :) will ping you once, its ready to be published...cheers!

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