I will not steal your dreams ..........

No .........not like you think I will......I'm
only here to save you

Let yourself sleep my love..... Here ...beneath my
wing...... curl up and lay your
pretty face here on my thigh

Let me listen for your breath
the breath that flows easily from
your rising and falling breast

No one will harm you
I promise that over my my bent
and broken body

Sleep my Love sleep
maybe the piano keys drift away
to some silent place as you curl up
and sigh

Or you dream of flowered fields and
children running in the grass
or the lamb in the meadow
lies down near you

I am fearless here in the dark
I have fought all the demons
and they are weakened by my

I sit wide awake
and ever vigilant.............Sleep
my love

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teaches12345 profile image

teaches12345 4 years ago

Sounds like a bond of true love between them will keep them safe from what is beyond. It is sweet sleep when the one you love promises watch over you. Beautiful!

AudreyHowitt profile image

AudreyHowitt 4 years ago from California

Just lovely, There is a wonderful feel of flow for me in these cadences--beautifully done!

Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

Gypsy Rose Lee 4 years ago from Riga, Latvia

Awesome! Like a silent river flowing this poem reads and sweet lullabies come to mind. Loved it!

ImKarn23 profile image

ImKarn23 4 years ago

This touched something deep within me...the exquisite feeling of being safe...truly and absolutely safe. so sexy..

time2rite profile image

time2rite 4 years ago from Navarre, Fl, USA

This is absolutely beautiful, ahorseback...it brings to mind being in the arms of a lover, content and totally comfortable. Love the visual imagery you painted with your words: they are full of love and conviction.

Fennelseed profile image

Fennelseed 4 years ago from Australia

Your words are so incredibility reassuring, Ahorseback, a gentle and determined defender with a pledge from the heart. Just beautiful and voted accordingly!!

raciniwa profile image

raciniwa 4 years ago from Naga City, Cebu

good night ahorseback...so timely...see you in my dreams...

ahorseback profile image

ahorseback 4 years ago Author

Teaches , thank you for that ! yes Im not sure exactly why this one came about.....:-}

ahorseback profile image

ahorseback 4 years ago Author

Audrey , Its ok if it makes you sleepy too!..:-} Thank you dear lady.

ahorseback profile image

ahorseback 4 years ago Author

Gypsy Rose , Thank you for reading and understanding.......:-}

ahorseback profile image

ahorseback 4 years ago Author

ImKarn , I am glad to have touched you , and "safe" is such a big part of love for a woman , I know that ! In a way its sad that a woman needs to feel safe in life though. Often I will even smile at a woman and they look away , im sure out of fear or domination by a mate ?. Who knows but thank you for this .....:-}

ahorseback profile image

ahorseback 4 years ago Author

Timetowrite , Thank you for that , it means a lot to share this !.....:-}

ahorseback profile image

ahorseback 4 years ago Author

Fennelseed , Thank you , I think it comes from being the "fixer " in relatioships of the past. As for you . I hope all is fixed! Your life seems turned around lately and for the better I'm sure ! ......Be well , be happy! Life is short

ahorseback profile image

ahorseback 4 years ago Author

Raciniwa , Yes my friend ....sleep in peace , you are loved by a lot of hubbers you know!.......

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