If I Could Have Three Wishes What Would They Be

If I could have three wishes I would use them to benefit the world in whole. I believe that the only good change are ones that can help more than just myself.

The first wish I would make would be for Peace Worldwide. Requesting peace may sound cheesy, but think of the changes it would make in our world. If everyone could get along without hate and be able to tolerate each other. If we had Peace there would be no reason to have Homicide Units in the Police Departments. If we had Peace there would be no need for prisons, and just think about how much money we would save as a whole. If there were peace just think about how many tears would never have to be shed. To me peace is a wonderful thing to wish for.

The second wish I would make would be for no uncurable sicknesses. If we could cure all ailments we would have better life spans, as well as better life period. When I think about AIDS and what it does to the individual suffering from it and their loved ones it breaks my heart. I wish we could absolve that from ever happening to another soul. The AIDS virus is not the only sickness, there is cancer, mental disorders, body ailments, and alcholism, drug addiction, and so many more that we all could list that touches someone, somewhere, and somehow. I would love to see sickness removed from our world. I would wish that instantly if I could.

The third and final wish if a genie graced me with his lamp would be for everyone in the world to know and truly understand what loves is and be able to give it correctly. If we could all love the right way there would be no abuse in the families, this includes sexual abuse also. If we all could care enough to not hurt one another it would make the world such a beautiful place. Our world now is still great, but it has daily ugliness that keeps us from fully enjoying it to the fullest.

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vandana jain 6 years ago

its a best wishes we can ever ask 4.

very nice

Natashaaa 6 years ago

you've insipired mee .

wandererh profile image

wandererh 6 years ago from Singapore

I'm not sure if a world peace is sustainable. We are all built so unique and different that conflicts and differences of opinion are probably inevitable. For there to be a sustainable world peace, human beings may have to be "changed" to be more homogeneous, something which I'm sure most of us do not want.

Assuming conflicts are inevitable, genie or no genie, perhaps it would be better to wish for a way for conflicts to be settled without loss of life or injury - perhaps a football match or war games on the computer.

Just my 2 cents. :)

Blair Brown 6 years ago

Infinite wishes. :)

bnsw1 5 years ago

if I had three wishes it would be a lot of money to support my family and that my marriage would be awesome and we would be in need of nothing

pm 2 years ago

1. I would wish for the ability to persuade anybody to do whatever i want them to whenever I want to.

2. To gain 100 million dollars every month.

3. To perfect any skill i want to.

kdfhkdhfk 2 years ago

to marry and the boy i love, support my family ,and have food on the table

jklmno 23 months ago

. welfare of our country

. no poverty

clean surroundings

Brishti 12 months ago

i.love everybody

ii.respect everybody

iii.Say"JAI HIND " for this beautiful country

harry 11 months ago

marry p

love p

and p p p p p

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