In the quiet of the afternoon

Just my doll and me

We go out to the garden

And sit underneath a tree

The flowers smell so pretty

They are all in bloom

It's such a lovely way 

To spend the afternoon

And if I'm real quiet

And I don't make a sound

And I sit still, as still can be

The humming birds come around

They dart here and they dart there

Much faster than the eye

They are nice, but I like best

The Monarch Butterfly

If I am very quiet

And don't move, do you suppose

He'll float right down and gently land

Upon my freckled nose

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"Quill" 7 years ago

First to land, not a butterfly but loved what you have done with your words...very nicely done.

Be Blessed

tim-tim profile image

tim-tim 7 years ago from Normal, Illinois

Nice poem. I enjoy that. Thanks:)

amillar profile image

amillar 7 years ago from Scotland, UK

He might make you sneeze. Nice poems;)

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