Incredible Life


I, often, feel

that I live my life,

and pass,

my remaining lifetime,

as I am doing,

obligations, on myself.

One day,

I washed the dust,

on the mirror hanged,

in my room for a longtime,

When I saw,

my face in it,

I got satisfied,

that someone in my house,

recognized me.,

One day,

I came out, in the garden,

of my house,

hearing the sounds of stones,

being thrown,

by some children,

I moved back,

inside the home,

thinking that,

there would be some ripe fruits,

which might have been,

laden on the trees.

I often feel and hear,

the sounds, of the silence,

which vibrate,

for a long time,

it seems that,

some one is calling me.

When I travel on the road,

I often feel that the trees,

alongside of the beautiful path,

looks like the robbers,

I am afraid of travelling,

lonely and absolute alone.

In the early morning,

When I read newspapers,

I think that the column,

related with the last article,

written, just before the publication,

having contents,

that the human being,

is the interesting news,

of this era.

Lastly, I feel,

in the deep grief of life,

on account of my dried eyes,

that I have no tears left,

to be spent in the life, further.


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