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There you were~

The red, red ruby~

I thought could be a dazzling diamond~

And me once again a brand new, new-bee.

You said all the right things~

Like a spoon of iron that turned into~

A smooth shinny silver sword~

I hung on each and every one of your words.

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We played~

As fun times were had on the gaily lit merry-go-round~

I had nothing to dread as the colorful horses galloped near~

I reached for the brass ring without any fear.

It came with a furry~

The sexy stalking trollop~

Blindsided I was from this territorial vixen~

Over wrought I was and all very twisted.

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I voiced my opinion~

First in a whisper~

I made a decision because you ignored my feelings~

Blocked you were twas not solely my doing.

You think things are fine~

Like the grapes clinging to the vine~

But the trouble is you still do not want to hear~

I suppose you think my talk is a whining my Dear.

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Here I sit again in limbo~

Like the brown turtle who bakes on the rocks~

Here I sit in limbo~

Waiting for you to take great stock.


Lisa J. Warner


Lisa Luv




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