What if I  were to speak my mind
What things lurk deep inside 
Thoughts of love and daily life
The fears I face within my mind
Some seem foolish and some are not
The tension grows day by day
I think it's time that I pray
But who am I to complain
 I'm not the only one who lives with pain
I should count myself lucky, I have a great wife
also I have  two wonderful Daughters
the next thing that rhymes is otters
I still have a  sence of humor
But life is what it is
I pray for people every day
People I work with and people far away
Where I'm gowing with this poem
I dont think that I knowem
Foolish yes my words I know
I'm not sure where to go
I guess sometime I'll let you know
There is so much within my mind
Iv'e wanted to say all this time
I have a friend that came here by chance
Thanks to her It's now my chance

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sandra rinck 8 years ago

That's really great. My favorite, is the next thing that rhymes with daughters is otters. Silly! But really its a great poem.

dhoosier profile image

dhoosier 8 years ago from Shelton Washington Author

Thanks Sandra ")

pjwood94 8 years ago

Dan, this is wonderful....

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