Introduction to my new horror novel "Keeper of the Darkness"

Dear readers, if you would, please read this intro to a novel I'm attempting to write and give me your opinions.I really and truly need your feedback. Thank you in advance. Tina

Keeper of the Darkness


“It ain’t the dying that’s the hard part, it’s what comes after....”
Cassidy Cane

Dying isn’t so bad. In fact, you feel more alive at the moment of death than you did when you took your first breath. When do you feel so alive as that moment that you truly realize your life is slipping away? When your life is at an end and you know it, don’t you become profoundly aware at that moment with every fiber of your being of what its like to be truly alive with the blood rushing through your veins and your heart pounding in your chest? Its a terrifyingly exhilarating moment. One in which you’ll never forget-at least not in my world.

I guess I’ll begin with where I am at right now. Darkness-cold, hard, unforgiving, sightless, pitch-black darkness. Except for the moments when I’m mercilessly plunged into the living world. Except for the times that he comes--The Keeper.

You see, I’m in Dead World. It is a place with it’s own bone chilling cold. It is blacker than anything you’ll see in life. In the living world, we are so far removed from reality. We go about our daily lives living in blissful ignorance thinking we know what its all about--that we have a sense of why we’re here and what is important. We think we’ve got it all in the bag. But, we seldom think of what comes after. Where we go and what we do when its all over. Many of us think we have the answers, but do we really know? Do we? I thought I did...until I met the Keeper.

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Linda 4 years ago

I could hear Morgan Freeman narrating this. I love it.

Rebelchick1 profile image

Rebelchick1 4 years ago Author

Thank you so very much, Linda!!!!

Holly Clark 4 years ago

Its good, you had me wanting the next chapter to read. I love suspense books.

Thanks for the short read.

Rebelchick1 profile image

Rebelchick1 4 years ago Author

Thank you Holly! I'll keep writing! :)

Rebelchick1 profile image

Rebelchick1 4 years ago Author

You're a gem, Linda! Thank you!

ananceleste profile image

ananceleste 4 years ago from California

I love it!!! Please keep me posted. Linda is right I could also hear Morgan Freeman!

Rebelchick1 profile image

Rebelchick1 4 years ago Author

Thank you, ananceleste! You're a doll! Will post some more soon. ;)

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Emmergee 4 years ago

I like it; would like to read more. It's sort of a twist on "It's a Wonderful Life."

You will have a proofreader, right? Make sure they fix "exhilArating" (last sentence, paragraph 1)

Last paragraph, sentences two and three --- reverse all your apostrophes: Its should read "It's" and where you have it's it should be "its."

But I read for content, too --- and enjoyed it.

Rebelchick1 profile image

Rebelchick1 4 years ago Author

Thanks so much Emmergee, and no proofreader. Can't afford one right now, lol. I'll fix it, thank you. I have an awful time with punctuation for some stupid reason. :(

pete britton 4 years ago

Very interesting Tina...what is on the other side after we go ..not sure..i just want to go when i go without pain....n when you publish the book i would love a cop hun...

Rebelchick1 profile image

Rebelchick1 4 years ago Author

LOL you betcha, Hun. And thank you! :)

Civil War Bob profile image

Civil War Bob 4 years ago from Glenside, Pennsylvania

So far, so good, Rebechick1...voted up, interesting. Now to Ch. 1...

Rebelchick1 profile image

Rebelchick1 4 years ago Author

;) Thank you CWB!

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