I release you now, so go off .Your free to live your life.

Your dreams plans and crazy notions hold no bearing on me

I release you.

You were never mine, but I was yours completely.

I gave up my life for you

Waited on every call, every piece of affection.

You ignored me yet there still I stayed.

Did you appreciate it? No not once, why? Because I was never yours.

I know that now, I accept that now.

 And I think that single fact hurts more than anything else.

I release you, this second this moment.

I expel you from my heart

Because if I don’t do it now I know I never will.

I will forever hold on to the hope, the dream, the maybe, the someday…..

I have buried every fantasy, burned every dream of what I wanted.

You were the one who told me that life isn’t about what we want.

Life isn’t a dream, a fairytale a fantasy.

So I release you. Walk away, and don’t feel as if you owe me anything.

I was never yours to owe anything to.

 I release you, closing are heavy dysfunctional book filled with bondage and bad memories.

Pages of heart ache, with small sentences of love.

And as I sit back knowing full well in my heart I will never touch nor open that book again

I smile, because in releasing you I have released myself as well.

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Kim Lynn profile image

Kim Lynn 5 years ago

Liked the ending best! Letting go may be hard, but if you don't- you never get to what's ahead.

Thumbs up!

Many Blessings,


CMerritt profile image

CMerritt 5 years ago from Pendleton, Indiana

High Five!

I vote up and awesome!

Sarah Writes profile image

Sarah Writes 5 years ago from California Author

Kim: Thanks for reading, and very true letting go is hard, but then your able to look ahead into the future.

CMerritt: Thanks so much! I'm glade you liked it!Take care :)

TheMysticStranger profile image

TheMysticStranger 5 years ago from Rowlett, Texas

Wow. So beautifully written. I feel this one in my soul. Thank you for puting into words what so many of us have experienced without the ability to let go of.

Sarah Writes profile image

Sarah Writes 5 years ago from California Author

And thank you for the lovely hub post! Its always nice to get back supportive comments, take care!

richtwf profile image

richtwf 5 years ago

If you've done everything you can and you can do no more, then it's the right time to walk away and release yourself and with a clean conscience that enough is enough and to accept that no more is fine.

Thanks for your sharing these thoughts. Great poem and God bless!

Angie 5 years ago

I love it. Letting go is one of the hardest things we have to do in life but sometimes its the most rewarding.

Sarah Writes profile image

Sarah Writes 5 years ago from California Author

Hey Angie! So true letting go is like a double edged sword isn’t it? I’m glad you enjoyed this one, stop by soon, I am trying to hub more often :). Take care

arb profile image

arb 5 years ago from oregon

Only when we are free are we not imprisoned! "Pages of heart ache, with small sentences of love." Could we but read the book from back to front, but then, we would loose so much of the inbetween.

Sarah Writes profile image

Sarah Writes 5 years ago from California Author

Very well said! And thanks so much for taking the time to read :)

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