Life's Crucible

The highway to happiness is ladened with many priceless gems; romantic dinners on an ordinary day, a bouquet of flowers, a walk in the rain, with nothing to say, a cuddle in front of the fireplace on a cold winter night, a light kiss .... just because. All is well, but love is unrecognizable until it's tested.

Remember the fight we had when we both were too stubborn to say " I'm Sorry "? I stayed out all night, and yes, you're right, I was'nt alone. I responded irresponsibly, and made wrong choices, but two wrongs don't make a right. When you felt pain I wasn't there, when you needed to talk I couldn't hear, when you needed a shoulder to cry on, I was somewhere else. The part of you that really needed me died a slow and painful death, because of spiritual and emotional neglect. Our matrimonial equilibrium was mortally wounded, but I didn't know! I was neglected too! I couldn't give what I didn't have. If we had been shot, we could have gone to a doctor. If we had suffered from spiritual anemia we could have gone to a Minister. If we had been homeless we could have gone to a shelter. But what do you do when your marriage is dying right before your eyes, and you're young and untested? Where do you go? Who do you talk to? A love that stand under all kinds of pressure and trials, regardless of who fault it is, is a love worth saving. Now I feel alive, abundantly! I know what it means to say 'I Love You', I know how to be unselfish, humble and compassionate, empathetic, intimate, passionate, romantic and, loving. I know how to be a man, husband, father, provider and, protector. I was once ashamed of who I was, now I can't wait to prove who I am. Go ahead ......... test me! I'm as real as rain, and will surpass even your expectations. I've been tested .........and am still standing!!

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Thanks again, I am glad you like it.

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