I'd Rather Walk

It’s knowing you won’t find someone like me that keeps my intentions to myself
The words remain without purpose while my heart continues to believe only in itself
We ask for a mission or a destiny and seldom is it so clearly delivered
You start out holy and end up asking why what was sure became so disfigured
Praying to live in the face of sure death is the coda for the belief in her charms
You once gave thanks for a lifetime of love that ended in another man’s arms
So you find yourself thinking about how to survive what it is you want
Beauty in another face seldom passes without lust enduring another taunt
The world I once knew is gone as if I’d seen something too serious to discuss
I hear the laughter of those who got off a boat and decided to get on a bus
It’s just another way to ride around when you’ve seen all that the shore touches
I decided to walk instead because there is no hurry to live with someone who judges
She told me I can be whoever I want to be as long as she had someone to kill bugs
It was sad how she prayed to live through another night compromising who she hugs
I wanted to tell her that she’s as safe as a man who lives on the wrong side of town
It’s better to be afraid of ghosts than to hate the person for whom you wore a gown

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