Idle Time by Debbie Lacy

Indolently I sit as the day slips into night,

Surrounded by the hours of stillness that has consumed me,

Thinking soon it will be daylight.

My heart awaits the morning glory,

As every bone in my body seems to have its own plan,

While unforgettable thoughts of the past reveal a great story.

Funny how time ages us as we cherish life’s memories,

From our adolescent years to the present,

Remembering ultimately when we took a stand against our ghastly fears and our worst enemies.

Reminiscing about family as they are the idles of our existence,

Guiding and supporting with all their love,

Paving the way for all relations while constantly going the distance.

Then there are times of trials and tribulations,

As our obedience is tested in every way,

Forsaking all for the things hoped for through faith in complete reverence to God for all his creations.

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shygirl2 5 years ago

Nice! : )

dl53acy 5 years ago

Thanks so much Shygirl2! I really appreciate your support! :)

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