Poem- If I Had a Time Machine

If I had a time machine and could go one place
I would go back in time and punch myself in the face
I would open my own eyes so they could see the reality
Instead of being caught up in a misconception of how it be
Thought i thought what i know now but i couldn't begin guessing
Thought i was me now but i was me then little confused mind spinning within
Thoughts warped like the tour from outside forces who clearly stated their voices
Yet with secret agendas like politicians caused me to put the brakes on my vision 
Take a break from heart wrenching injecting deception 
Lies never tasted so sweet filled with venom
Resulting in rejection cause of the doctor's neglection
Slowly led slyly like a sheep to slaughter, its too late now why even bother
But IF i had a time machine
I could rewrite the past 
If i had a time machine this momentous moment would last

Would you go back and change one moment in your past if you could?

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Janetta 7 years ago

loved it ;)

THEHE 4 years ago

I loved the first part

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