If I could only touch…

If I Could Only Tell...

If I Could Only Tell...

Refrain 1:

If I could only tell you,

What you mean to me…

If I could only touch you,

Like I did before…

Then you would understand,

That being without me, -

Will bring you to the end,

Where is no life, no more…


If I could only tell,

If I could feel,

Then you would take my hands

And warm me up again...

Refrain 2:

If I could only bring you

To the Happy Land…

If I could only dance you

To the nice romance…

Then you would realize

And you would comprehend,

That being for me alive

Is only real chance…


If I could only tell...

If I could only feel…

If I could only touch

Your tired heart again…

January 2009

Link to Youtube:


Lyrics, Music, Vocal - Marina Litvinchuk
Keyboard, Guitar, Arrangement, Sound Recording & Engineering - Oleg Litvinchuk
Sound Track of CD Album "Waiting Hours", 2012
ABC Production Studio, Chicago, USA


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