If Only For One Second

I dream of you often,
I see you as I did for the last time
Your gentle smile of recognition
If only for one second,
One second I will remember forever
Forever engraved in my memory
For one second I saw how you used to be
I wish I could have that time again
Your gentle smile, your soft voice
As you tell us your life stories
In awe of the places you have seen
I imagine you as a young man
Full of life,starting out in the world

Now I see an old man, sitting quietly in his chair
Only a glimmer of the Grandad I remember
I look at you intently
Hoping that you can see me, say my name just one last time
I see you, but I do not see the person you once were
The stories you told a distant memory
I wish to hear your voice as it use to be
I know you are fading, but wish you could stay longer
I will only have you for a part of my life
If only what seems like one second
But you left an immeasurable impact
I will never forget you
Your stories will live on

I look at you now, but only in my dreams
I visit you sometimes, but only for a while
I like to remember you in my dreams
Or in the home you once shared
A plethora of memories
As if you never went away

Who would have thought I would have been lucky
To have a Grandad like you?

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Ebower profile image

Ebower 5 years ago from Georgia

This is sad, but lovely. I voted this up and beautiful.

Leanne1783 profile image

Leanne1783 5 years ago from Bradford, United Kingdom Author

Hi Ebower! Thank you for stopping by and thank you for your lovely comments. It is quite a personal poem but one I have wanted to publish for a while

epigramman profile image

epigramman 5 years ago

..well this speaks as openly and lovingly about the wonderful grandchild who wrote this with such great heart and pride as it does the lucky granddad himself.

A beautiful poetic ode to love and the love of family and its roots.

lake erie time Ontario, Canada 3:37pm

profile image

september girl 5 years ago

Voted this one beautiful...I miss my grandpa too! He was a wonderful man, as you describe yours with your own unique way and memories.

Leanne1783 profile image

Leanne1783 5 years ago from Bradford, United Kingdom Author

Thanks sadly this poem has more reverence... My grandma died this morning so a very sad day :( I hold peace that she died in her sleep at the tender age of 90

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