It is not fair.....


You are not mine,

don't care,

I am always yours,

is it not enough ?

For a moment,

see your beauty,

from my eyes,

you will find it,

sometimes fire,

sometimes like,

the dew on the grass.

For god sake,

please smile a moment,

the light seems to be low,

around myself.

If the joint hands,

of ourselves are separated,

always remember,

it is not fair to break,

the relationships.

whose voice has wrinkles,

and eyesight is dim,

the parts of that picture,

are not fixed with each other.

The honey of life,

is given by the nature,

very low in quantity,

the tears are not,

shed for the persons,

going far, for ever.

Which blows within,

the limit of it's banks,

let it be gone on it's way,

it is not fair to turn,

the direction of such river.

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Sneha Sunny profile image

Sneha Sunny 5 years ago from India

I like the flow.... nice poem...

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