Ignites Me

Still In Love...

Tell me...can I call you my Butterfly

Console me..speechless from your Beauty as you pass me by

To fly in my Earth you're ''special" bless you against my sky

Watched you for a decade plus two you still pass me by

Your eliptical lips match mine yet we're from "Different Worlds"

Went from dirt roads to black tops now you that NY Girl

Wake this thing in me..contagious words..inspire me let your planet connect with mine

Let's tell secrets..we kept, flames in love an spiritual lessons here's mine

Tell me yes don't say no I wanna feel temptation get high

Slow dance on floors of smoke..flame in can you be my....

My flow in me ceased wake me Queen your vindication I heard

woke my ol' negro soul...ebony spoke my blaqueness stirred

Daydreamed for the 99 most Beautiful names of God I chose Jah

You woke this man's He-Man call you my She-Ra

When my soul returns to the earth or my soul passes away

remember how you ignited me ignited my deep word play

© 2010 WordNLipsAffair

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Amber 4 years ago

Now that was sexy...whoa

WordNLipsAffair profile image

WordNLipsAffair 6 years ago Author

Well First Love I'm glad you liked the flow of it.

WordNLipsAffair profile image

WordNLipsAffair 6 years ago Author

Thanks Sexy!

first love 6 years ago

Awesome this is great love the feeling I got while reading it!

Sexy 6 years ago

This is sexy...please write more!!!!

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