Is there a day I don't want to die?

My spirits are low as the days pass by.

Is there a day that I don't cry?

I wish I could express the reasons why.

My heart stays numb;

My eyes stay damp.

Treacherous memories I cannot exempt!

I see the wold in black and white.

A constant struggle in my conciousness

That I have yet to win the fight.

A black crow perches on his feeder staring me in the face.

How I long to be free and live life at his pace!

An ancient, stone church can describe how I feel.

Stable and lost;

Alone and blank;

My days are clouded with solitude.

The nights are are worse to compare.

I dream of the day when my life will feel complete

But I am not entirely sure if I will ever make it there.

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