I Love You To The Moon And Back.















I'll Love You to The Moon And Back.



The moon is a friend
for the lonesome to talk to
it moves the tides of passion

and of tears, as well as the oceans.
While all around lover's

woo under its brilliance,
lonely souls walk,

hugging themselves

against the cold,
comforted by its

warm beaming face above.

We all have craters
in our lives much like the moon,
empty holes, pits of despair,
scars from collisions,
with out of this world love
being smashed to

bits around us.

We were meant to gravitate
towards each other,
much like the moon is
pulled by mother earths gravity,
but sometimes we must

enter the dark side,
cold, bitter, and bleak,
and work our way

back to the light of love.

So we talk to this ancient companion,
who has overseen

so many eons of lovers,
and it brings us some comfort to know,
that somewhere, someone else
is talking to the moon too.

Some soul just as

lonely as we are,
and maybe perchance
we might eventually meet them,
and share the bliss of the

moon's beams with a kiss.


The music and rewrite to this poem made a song.

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seasoning 6 years ago

your beautiful words blow me away..... you put into a poem so much every line could almost be a poem in itself, you understand so much, thankyou for taking the time to share

Mrs. J. B. profile image

Mrs. J. B. 5 years ago from Southern California

This truly touched my soul. Amazing

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