I'm Feeling What Your Feeling

I'm Feeling What your feeling

I'm feeling what your feeling

but only in my heart

I can't see any flame

but i thought there was a spark.

I'm feeling what your feeling

but, do you know what i need?

the attention that you give me

my heart will always feed.

I'm feeling what your feeling

your such a special friend

i really do enjoy your time

and the messages you send.

I'm feeling what your feeling

but i could never do

be anything more

than a best friend for you.

VLH 07/2003

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IN2Deep profile image

IN2Deep 6 years ago Author

I have been writing since i was real young-i never felt it was truely ok to express my deepest thoughts- especially --out loud. I have never let anyone read my poems untill now-and i never expected to have it release so much from within--but all of the comments on all of my poems in just the few days they have been up--makes me realize-i was never really as alone as i have always thought i was---thank you

leni sands profile image

leni sands 6 years ago from UK

Very good poem, many of us can relate to the feeling within. I also like the rhythm and rhyme.

IN2Deep profile image

IN2Deep 6 years ago Author

Well Thank you--keep following -i have only just started

but have so many more to add.

mylife=adventure profile image

mylife=adventure 6 years ago from Wisconsin

Wow! This really hit home with me on this one thanks for sharing a very good poem indeed!

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