I'm Flying

All night, long shadow, spying, who the hell is in my head, eyes blink prying,


a silver lining, tongues shining, I can't believe it, words come out blinding,

your gonna die up there, I don't give a .... Listening???

just checking,


witch direction, to go, you know, waving,

see ya' later, alligator, into this, cave thing,

empty echo's alcohol, brawl's, thoughts bring,

vision to me,

mistakes traced, stone wall faced, escape, free,

pin drop spots, sunlight's gleam,


illuminating into everything,

10 yrs, feared, Sunday morning, (21:21)



six, rocks sticks, grounded, fits, switches wits quits, aborting,


ZZZzzz ZZZzzz ZZZzzz...outside alive hears wind hiss roaring,



flooding something, storing,

sure, shore, shoring,




Idea hoarding,

creating a new space, open for boarding,

full service storage, imported, every damn thing,

even throw in the kitchen sink,

wipe your feet,

say sheet,

shit let's hit it, Buick's pleats beat,

pump the back seat,

fueled discreet,


clean... tidy, mighty, burn up the street,

ghost riders lighter fires, tires, leafs,

racing, into the trees,

rain-forest import us, source, forced, human beings,

wishing to bee, important, feeling the need,

to improve upon things,


my meaning,

in a cave empty echoing,

music playing,

mind re-playing,

over & over - stop... song's saying,

banjo twanging,

maybe, we'll head into a new direction- a plain section, where they left you grazing,


grace, playing, across the plains,

what a day,

exploring remotely, did you say,

it couldn't bee, done, anyways,

stop, think, look, save,

cyclone, fenced, sensed, open the gate...

20:20 sees Sunday 21:21

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c-m-hall profile image

c-m-hall 14 months ago from York, Maine

goego profile image

goego 14 months ago from Loserland Author

Yes that would be me, a little baby stumbling, fumbling with a tool wondering whose wondering lost into the ice, give me a whisper give me a side, signal sign my mind with a fine tip quick, please remember... now, don't you... tonight, slip (well that's what I heard in the song anyways :))

goego profile image

goego 14 months ago from Loserland Author

P.S. Thanx Joseph!

c-m-hall profile image

c-m-hall 14 months ago from York, Maine

wandering ....... wondering


goego profile image

goego 14 months ago from Loserland Author

Damn! Yes wandering... Who sold the world, thoughts pondering, face to face, passed upon the stairs, a long long time ago, fondling- molding, a trim begins, building, a story, as big as a house, 30 something stories, wind is roaring, floors sorting, up we're going, make our way back home, stitches sorting, repaired impaired, regrowing hair, pulled out stout, plucked strings sing, Well I'm out... Placing words, Nirvana

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