I'm being turthful to myself can you cope ?

it is time to be true to yourself

The masks that we wear in life hiding who we truly are

What deception to keep the truth from revealing itself

And from who we are you are so far

The real face the reflection of our soul discarded on a shelf

Why hide the person you truly are? let it all out. Do you have to go with the flow in order to be respected?

Well, if you say so then you are wrong you have to be true to yourself That is how your soul is honored

There is no honor in deception You can’t have two faces

You can’t live two separate lives with different paces

You can’t be Jess and Sara at the same time

You have to make up your mind this time

Today we lay down our masks to speak openly

To show our true color and speak honestly

I am not a brunet or a fake blond

And of Jazz or hip-hop I surely am not fond

I’m not the shallow person you’d meet on the street

Your pressure and cutting words won’t get me on my feet

I am who I am neither a fanatic nor a copy cat

I am unique with all what I have not a door mat

I can rise above all the lies that hide who I truly am

I love being at home and hanging out with my fam

Today we all have to be true to our conscience

For you have lied to yourself and lived with its absence

You are a liar! Give it up!

Be true to yourself Rise up!

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