I'm goin' to maceland

Peppery eye burning faceland,

teargas rash riot fast Egyptian,

playground games getting out of hand...

what the hell is goin' on in graceland,

a problem so complex no communication wasteland,

'a lawyer walks into a bar' ordering two torts,

give it to me now he contorts... or I'll sue off your f_kin' shorts,

drag your dumb ass thru all the courts...

and in the end I'll even take your forts,

4 times more law people than any other land... worse than a case of genital worts,

we need more morks,

and mindies...

a letter to the X written by Cindie,

nano nano,

atchoo bless you,

still reading this crap??? yea you...

well what do we do???

I have no good answers true,

food water and love are the only things keeping us alive... moo

boo hoo I say to caged animals lives being taken away,

crushed against the fence in a violent forceful way,

breathless and stuck... f_k

like brainless bacteria off into the muck

~slip slidin'~

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tammyswallow profile image

tammyswallow 5 years ago from North Carolina

Wow.. that brings back some memories. You sure captured that trippy quality of Mork and Mindy. Cute, well done, and voted up.

goego profile image

goego 5 years ago from Loserland Author

@tswallow, thanks... the good ol' days:)

Rtimes profile image

Rtimes 5 years ago from Placerville, California

Nano-Nano. I dig your poetry in motion, Baby.

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