In Leadership


Counting upon Yourself

To Stand Up against the odds

When no one else will 

Oh, what a Thrill

It is to Be a Leader.

To put up a fight

In order to make things Right

To take a Stand

At your Own Demand

That is a Leader.

It doesn't matter Who They Are and What They Do

As long as they Inspire a Change in You

This is a Leader.

 © 2011 Latasha N. Woods

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feenix profile image

feenix 5 years ago


This is an awesome work of art that delivers a powerful message.

Your writing a post like this one demonstrates that you have strong leadership skills.

Latasha Woods profile image

Latasha Woods 5 years ago from USA- United States of Aspiration Author

Thanks Feenix!! Your feedback and support is always appreciated.

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