In Regards to Lovely 497 and Truthfully Random Poetry

twas fun and amusing

in its turn

where thoughts were thrown

at unfettered pace

playing with those who couldn't

play in turn

failing to understand the grace.

a word my dear of truth and love

for in their purity they are the same

however love be bi-edged

and truth has more...

blades in hand

they bleed their lovers

and enemies the same.

Their lovers

mayhaps learn grace in time

and care in learning not to bleed

all others face too much to learn

and so scarlet is their path

till time runs out

and in bleeding no more

the school of hard knocks is adjourned

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Disney 2 years ago

Wait, I cannot fathom it being so strfrghtaorwaid.

Julia 2 years ago

I haven't been writing poerty of late. All these poems date back many years now. I do write, though, but it's a paid gig for a national trade magazine. I also write marketing/promotional stuff for a local start-up company. Both are part time gigs.

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