In Regards to Moving On

Here on the brink

of today and tomorrow

familiar with the commonality

of all that might be

and those who face this cliff

most become annulled

it always affronts me anew

I couldn't say I am not glad for a change

my present is more then my body can stand

but my future is a beast uncontrollable

riding a wave of unrelenting sand

though moving to a neck which

I seem to be avoiding

gravity pulling

demonstrating futility

but the struggle seems to only ruin

the things i have struggled for

punishing myself by default

The whys and wheres of my situation

a mirage I am chasing

gulping at the sand

how it moves around me and through me

I might drown unrequited

yet to what I am running away from

a future supposedly great

leaves me still running

unable to stand.

So what is to be done

if doing solves the problems

the leap in the dark

hoping to land on top

the wondering

if that which I land on

is worth the travel

or maybe I will grasp

a higher place

That is assuming I don't comprehend

that the now, while intolerable

is still safe

the other side higher

but not so secure.

quoth the bard

must give us pause

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Joan King profile image

Joan King 4 years ago

Very enjoyable!

Jaggedfrost profile image

Jaggedfrost 4 years ago Author

I am glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping by.

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 4 years ago from TEXAS

Insecurity is the nature of life. Were it not, it would be at a standstill - which is the nature of death. Accepting the insecurity is loving the life. Time enough for death.

Jaggedfrost profile image

Jaggedfrost 4 years ago Author

Nellieanna true enough. Thank you for those sage words.

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 4 years ago from TEXAS

Thank you.

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