In Simple bonding, Love is Freed.


In Simple Bonding , Much Is Spoken.


Twenty fingers
meant to be interwoven,
what a lovely picture they make,
palms swaying together
in the warm breeze of love,
such an empty feeling
without your clasp,
a void on either side of me,
my anchor, my tether,
to all of passions gifts ,
let us always delight,
in simply holding hands,
our symbol of unity,
amidst the rushing masses,
stepping forward as one,
thumbing a ride
on each others arm,
showing the word that we are
linked in flesh,
in heart and soul.







Love's Dawning Remembered.


I'll never forget
her eyes beaming,
as we parted
from our first kiss.
There's no light
as bright as this,
stars pale in comparison,
suns die, in the glow
of this torch I carry.
Years have past,
yet that gleam
never diminishes
still warming my soul,
in my loneliest hours.






At The Ends Of Heartstrings Pulled.



She captured my heart.
in the waterfall silk
of her long auburn hair,
tumbling over my face,
as her lips gently graced
my own in blissful splendor.

Though I never felt it go,
for my eyes were still closed,
savoring all the sweetness
as she hurried away,
to some lesser appointment,
then the passion we shared.

But I know that it's gone,
only emptiness aches,
where she set it to beating,
in such rhythms of wonder,
yet I feel no dismay,
only joy in the knowledge,
that it's safe in her hands.


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Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago

It warms and then there is heart-burn.

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