In The Beginning There Was Sound

In the beginning there was sound
And man said it was good
In the end there will be silence
Where man once stood
Yet natures light will never wane
The soul of a man moves no star
It harnesses no white artery above
Or the color of a fly escaping the jar
There is though a thread barely visible
From when time began until time end
A cry of singular presence in every language
And man learned of the note God did send
Liquid chrysalis carved canyons out of meadows
The call of the Eagle intoned over the horizon
Woodpeckers drumming for food did foreshadow
The natural symphony of sound in man’s Corazon
And man reached for natures soul to mingle with his own
And one day he found an entire world out of steel
And burlap stretched tightly across the wood he burned
And harmony became as important as fire and a wheel
Never has there been a moment when all the world was asleep
Never has there been a moment where silence covered the Earth
And what you hear today is the beginning of time
In a baby’s cry or a guitars wail you witness a planets birth
The single note that never ends passes through your life
The invisible thread laces us to every tomb
And in your cries and laughter you tell the story of us all
And in your final breath you will tie the thread to a mothers womb

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