In The Hemispheres Of What's Right And What's Left Brains.


In The Hemispheres Of The Right and What's Left Brain ©-MFB III


If one could unmask the minds of most men,
they would find one half
crammed full of breathstopping beauty,
often unrealized, but still sought
dreams of sailing ships of relation
over calm untroubled waters,
making babies and bubbles,
and laughing in the suns of serendipity
till the gray steals their youth,

But the other half would be
full of lust and craving
unspeakable desires
that go back to the ancient days
of savages, taking what they wished
ravishing women, and performing all manner
of barbaric sexual acts upon them,
with little regards for the consequence,
just devouring the moments pleasured.

One can see this in most men's eyes,
when a beautiful woman enters a room,
they get that faraway hungry look
that gleams like an emaciated tiger
considering his next meal.
pupils study and follow quite secretly
the lessons of longing,
Far beneath the masks that conceal it all
is a battle going on to remain civilized
and take the right paths
on their short journey through life,
but amongst the masses are some
who have stripped the masks away,
and prowl as predators on the weak.

So look deep into the eyes,
of the modern male species
in the tribes around you
and know your enemies
lest they discover your weakness.

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lmmartin profile image

lmmartin 7 years ago from Alberta and Florida

An interesting look at the dark side.

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