In The presence Of Royal Sea.









At the end of what most
~every man knows as land
~~where great rocks and seashells
~~~are reduced into sand
~~~~lies what seems at first glance
~~~~~to be an endless sea
~~~~~~Ahhhh, but what a sweet majesty
~~~~~~~that sea can be
~~~~~~~~crowned in white liquid gold
~~~~~~~~~upon each curling crest
~~~~~~~~~~which graces an aqua and emerald dress
~~~~~~~~~~~that flows cross the girth
~~~~~~~~~~~~of her Queen Mother, Earth
~~~~~~~~~~~~~she's a princess that tempts
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~all with sorrow and mirth
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~she has swept away many
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~with her alluring charms
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~blessing others with bounty
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~never meaning to harm
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~toddlers dance near her skirts
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~that swirl over the sand
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~all her worshippers lie
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~as burnt offerings tanned
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~and she favors each flock
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~with the scent of her tang
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~granting waves as she moves
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~to a song ancients sang
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I, too kneel here beside her
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~just a scribe struck by awe
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~trying to capture in ink thinks
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~All the beauty I saw
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~but her royalness is far too
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~vast for this page
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~So I lay down my pen
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~and go splash in her rage
~~~~~~~~~~~~~at her subject who failed to
~~~~~~~~~~~~write her something sage
~~~~~~~~~~soon exhausted I'll stretch out
~~~~~~~~~at the edge of her riches
~~~~~~~~letting sunshine and dreams
~~~~~~~grant what this peasant wishes!!
~~~~~ Summer

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pbwriterchick profile image

pbwriterchick 6 years ago

This is beautiful.. maybe one of my favs :)

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