In The residue Of Loneliness

In The Residue Of Loneliness.

Sometimes we go

to the well of

tears too often

and still thirst.




Envelope me

with warm glances,

from your liquid eyes.

Make me

a home in your

most welcome arms.

My withering soul

is an almost empty bucket

green with algae,

but sensitive to the

sunshine of your smile.

My emotions are a desert

trying to develop an oasis

in your heart.



In the desert that is

found in the word desert-ed

there is an oasis of love,

with warm palms to soothe

the burning, and two pools

of compassion to gaze into

and find a quenching

of your despair.

One must seek out

this oasis, avoiding the places

that are overused, or dried up,

or simply a temporary respite.

When you discover your

oasis of love you must encamp there

and make it your dwelling place

as a paradise for two.



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ladyjane1 profile image

ladyjane1 6 years ago from Texas

Sometimes I wish that I could go to the well of tears more because it is so hard for me to cry. I tend to keep my emotions in even in the saddest situations. nice poem.

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