In the Absense Of Self.


In the abscence of self.


He was never a quick thinker,
always funny and impulsive,
well liked by all,
just a big, happy kid.

He died Friday night,
without thinking,
when his father
who was cleaning out
an 8' by 30' structure
collapsed and became trapped
in a gasoline storage tank
with a 24 inch escape hatch.

All thoughts of self,
danger and fear,
vanished in his heart,
as he scrambled into
that death trap,
to save his dad.

His older brother
followed right after him,
but they were both
overcome by fumes as well,
and then there were three,
in the sludge, in the tank,
in death's grip.

They pulled his Dad out,
at around 6:00 P.M.
and he refused treatment
or transport to the hospital
till they got his sons out.

The older brother was
brought out, at 8:30,
2 hours later,
but the youngest son,
was not rescued until 11 P.M.

He was dead on arrival
at the hospital.
but he was "dead on"
in his choice
to save his dad,
regardless of the costs.

His older brother
and his dad survived,
but he showed the world
what the end of self
can sometimes require,
leaving a hero,
in an early grave
at 17 on a bright
spring day.

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debugs profile image

debugs 7 years ago from Odessey777, Umbris

This is so tragic but makes us ponder.. we are all mortals, the only thing that doesn't die - is love -- and I guess the memories we will leave behind.

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