In trying Times

In trying Times

How many times in life we find ourselves asking why?Why this or that happened.More times then not it is when something bad happens and forces us into a major change.Like children in the dark we find ourselves lost and without answers.The choices we make during these times can make us stronger persons or can lead to more regrets.In my own life I know that when I decided to do what was right made me stronger emotionally,spiritually and mentally.I also understand now that change is a good thing if we take charge of it.Answers are not always going to be found,somethings have no answer.

We all have trying times

times we have no rest

There is no reason nor rhyme

in nothing we seem blessed

Our minds there turning round and round

we ask why this is so

This went wrong that did not turn out

and we may never know

Questions questions why to me

Answers answers we never see

Now I would like to share with you

something I have learned

That in these times of trying

a way that we can turn

From the angrer sorrow grief

and pain

Our mind is where we have to


So stop and look deep down


Look and see whats trying

to hide

Are you angry because you lost the game or

things did not go your way

Is your sorrow caused by dreams

dashed along the way

Yes it is simple questions like these

I must ask myself

And all the other questions

put upon a shelf

For I must see that in this life

I can not always win the game

And the hopes I have

and the truth

May not be the same

So search out truth

and seek out what is real

For I must live my life here

not based on how I feel

I hope that this has helped you

I know it has helped me

For sometimes it is not the answers

but the questions we must see

*Composed on September 22nd 1990

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