Indecisive, Or Maybe Not...

In front of Heaven's gates,

The wisp of white rise above my knees,

Into broken silhouttes that swim,

Inside the souls of thought that brim,

Over the edge,

But my mind wonders whether to enter,

Pieces of my heart ache to gather together,

A step I take, I breath I make,

And soon my arms open into a reluctant embrace,

Strangling my past into an empty rejoice,

I am but one man, nothing but a voice,

Among the clouds and into the sky,

I cannot decide what I am, nor can I make,

Anything of my past,

I want to know an answer, a bittersweet taste,

Floating onto the tip of my tongue,

I will part the sea of regrets, I will raise the mountain of loss,

I will sail these oceans until the Angel of Death,

Comes for me,

I am not sure, I do not know,

But the voices within tell me so,

The time has come for a choice, a final destination,

My future comes without hesitation,

And my frustration, my desolation,

Dies inside a burning desire,

Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow,

But I swear on these gates of mirage,

One of these days I will assemble my loss,

I will gather my pieces,

And one by one, like the fragments of a frame,

I will put together, I will try to remember,

I will decide.

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Goodpal profile image

Goodpal 6 years ago

Very inspiring words. You really combined ideas into words beautifully. Thanks very much.

Syrusv37 profile image

Syrusv37 6 years ago Author

Thank you Goodpal, I'm really glad you appreciate my poetry. Very few do lol

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