Infosys madam-A good writer too( On Mrs. Sudha Murthy)

Mrs Sudha Murthy

Engineer turned writer

Everyone knows about the INFOSYS - the giant software company in the world.It is the effort of Mr. Narayana Murthy and his wife Sudha Murthy, that the company developed to such a great fame, ofcourse with the dedicated work of some people who they chose to work with them in the begining.But very few people may be knowing the other talent of mrs.Sudha Murthy. She is a good author too.

Short bio-sketch

Mrs. Sudha was born and developed near Hubli ,another big city in Karnataka.She belongs to a middle class orthodax brahmin family who loved Indian culture very much, and followed it. Her elders were in teaching profession with all love and dedication for it and earned reputation. Sudha earned her degree in engineering with a gold medal in 1972 and then proceeded to Bangalore for higher studies. Now, she lives there. Strangely enough, She had not seen Bangalore till she completed her 22nd year.


Mrs. Sudha had to spend a large part of her life in her engineering carreer,and helping her husband to see the company started by them stands upright. When all that is achieved, the experiences in her pressed her to sit back and pen down them. Hence She went on writing. Some newspapers in kannada provided her oppurtunities by allowing her to write permanent columns. She did the job very well.Later on, her articles came out in the forrm of books , got poularity, and were translated into many languages.


Sudha might have started writing just 10-12 years ago. Within this short period 15 books of hers are published.Four of them are on computers, some others are- travellogues, novels and collection of articles written periodically for columns.

She writes in Kannada and English.Her almost all works are translated into other languages.Some of them are translated into as many as fourteen Indian languages.

One of her books, 'WISE AND OTHERWISE' -a collection of column articles, is translated into 15 languages and more than 10,000 copies are sold in one year.

Mrs. Sudha Muthry's writings catch us by their simplicilty, minute observations, and wide knowledge of human behaviour.

Mrs. Sudha Murthy

 An author full of social concern
An author full of social concern
  Cover pages of Mrs. Sudha's book-'wise and otherwise' in different Indian languages
Cover pages of Mrs. Sudha's book-'wise and otherwise' in different Indian languages

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JazLive profile image

JazLive 9 years ago from Decatur

Interesting!  Does Mrs. Sudha Murthy have a web site?  If not, have someone check out AdlandPro for a FREE account and web page.  There is plenty of FREE information and a store (also FREE) that is attached to PayPal.  If her publications can be distributed via CDs, Acrobat, ... have them check out Free IQ this site allows publishers to sell or give-away their works - Internationally!

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 9 years ago from Tumkur Author

Thank you Mrs.Jazlive. I do not know whether Mrs. Sudha Murhty has a personal website or not. She doesn't receives her e-mails personally, as many unwanted e-mails will be there. For instance,This very article on herself was returned unchecked!

Whether the website you mentioned allows me also for use? If yes, I can make use of it.

Wish you all the best

Veena 8 years ago

The article is excellent as Madam Sudha Murthy. Its surprizing that the above picture does not show the books she has written in Kannada. Originally she is Kannadiga and write many books in her mother tongue . All the books above mentioned are translated from Kannada. So. I request you to display the books she has written in Kannada. Please give me Madam's email ID, I wish to share one of the real life stories with her.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 8 years ago from Tumkur Author

 Thanks for your good words Veena. I do not know the email ID of Mrs. Sudha Murthy. I got one form a book seller, but this article emailed to her that address was returned. Perhaps, even for today,she has not seen this article.

  I have clearly told in the above article that she is born and bred in karnataka. I have also told that she writes in kannada. Infact, the coverpages shown above were printed on the back of her kannada book 'manada maatu' that had come to me for review from a famous kannada journal.

Asmita Desai 8 years ago

I have become a fan of Ms Sudha Murthy after having read her books. I am a Principal in one of the schools based at Rajkot, Gujarat. Having read her book it inspired me a lot and I relate these stories with my day to day working with small children. Our school is basically for the Balashram children and lower middle class group. I narrate the stories to my children and they are also very much motivated by the same. Do let me know the books written by her. I have read "How I taught my Grandmother to read and other stories and Manani Vaat in Gujarati. They are mind blowing.

britneydavidson profile image

britneydavidson 7 years ago from united kingdom

great hub...i have heard about infosys its really big IT compnay...and been really suprosed that the lady of such a big firm is so simple and great personality.thanx for sharing it...i have enjoyed reading it.....have a look for this one you might like it...thanx

kulkarni 7 years ago


Jaya Murthy Italy Pisa 7 years ago

I read nice comments on Mrs Sudha Murthy, I just wanted to tell you that I have translated Mrs Murthy's kannada novel Dollar Sose into Italian language, will be published soon. I am also a kannadiga and live in Italy.

Jaya Murthy

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 7 years ago from Tumkur Author

Thank you Shrimathi Jaya sister, You have done a good service to your homeland by translating a literery piece into that language.Please translate other good stories and poems also into Italian language and make others know how good litereture we have. Similarly,select short Italian stories into kannada and send them to me. I shall arrange for its publication here. If you respond giving your email, I will send my email and physical address.i stay in Tumkur.

pallavi 7 years ago

i want to meet you please give me appointment.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 7 years ago from Tumkur Author

dear sister pallavi,

Whether you want tomeet me or Mrs.Sudha murthy? If it's me,write to my



Asmita Desai 7 years ago

I wish Mrs Sudha Murthy reads what we feel about her and hope that someday she will surely reply - may be meet us. Looking forward to meeting her.

sravanthi 6 years ago

I wish I could meet Sudha Murthy sometime. I admire her a lot and wish her all the best!!

samruddhi nayak venugopal 6 years ago

i'm huge fan of sudha murthy-a highly dignified woman in the whole world.since i'm a little girl. Sud's has impressed me a lot after reading her books.please sudha ma'am read this comment and let us all meet u.It's my huble request!!!!!!and last but not the least send my reguards to our beloved man "NARAYAN MURTHY". OUR TRULY LOVED MAN HAS STOLEN OUR HEARTS. PLEASE GIVE BACK OUR HEARTS BY READING THIS COMMENT SORRY OUR REQUEST AND MMAKING OUR DREAMS COME TRUE.I HOPE THAT U MEET US ALL ON 20/2/2010 .WORRYING Y ONLY ON THAT DAY ????????????????BCOZ IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

aishu 6 years ago

i love ur stories

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 6 years ago from Tumkur Author

Thanks to all for their kind good comments. Mrs.Sudha Murthy is quite active in cultural activities in Bangalore. She is very simple in her dress and talks. She loves to participate in literery and music programmes. She doesn't likes meaningless flattery.

Even at this age of 60 plus, she is now attending coaching classes at Kannada Sahithya Parisht Bangalore,to study Epigraphy.

I myself have not talked to Mrs. Sudha Murthy so far,nor I am eager too.

jeevitha 6 years ago

wow!what a stories you are writing mam.i just love your stories.that too i like the most is how i taught my grandmother to read...applauds to you mam.....>>>>>

manmohan  6 years ago

while going throgh her written work, i can imagine how accomplished she is! full of wisdom, traditions and complete values. May god keep the couple long live and happy so that we can get inspiration .

profile image

Vinod Banger 6 years ago

Mrs.Sudha Murthy is God Mother and from her acts India become real hub again for the entire world.


Vinod Banger

Shifa jumani 6 years ago

I m the biggest fan of Mrs Sudha murty. I have read all her books....

shifa jumani 6 years ago

Mrs Sudha is a very great lady

PriyaSB 6 years ago

A great woman the world has ever produced..

I am in need of all the Story books she has written in Kannada (also If in english) like 'Dollar sose', 'wise and otherwise' etc. Please give me the Link to read those books Online.

There is no Download facility in my comoany. So.. please give me any option if available to read her books online.

Waiting for your Reply. Please..

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 6 years ago from Tumkur Author

Dear Miss Priya

I tried to answer your point as soon as you put comments. But,Some how hubpages was not working well on my system for three days.

You can get her books at SApna book house in Bangalore and other leading book stalls there. You can get her kannada and English books.

She is a good, descriminate , and intelligent and industrious lady.But calling her 'the greatest of ladies the world has ever produced' is, in my opinion, is much exaggerated and result of adoration.

anu 5 years ago

thank you sir for the wonderful article.

S.agarwal 5 years ago

I have read a part of her novel in my textbook and I found her way to tell about the suffering of people very pleasant.I wish I could meet her

shre dhebeka 5 years ago

sudha moorthy's bio-graphy was very interesting.

anu 5 years ago

it was truly a wonderful of her short story was in our textbook and i loved it.thanks again sir for the collection of information about a great personality like her



lakshmi 5 years ago

Could you please tell me what is the name of the book in Tamil? I am interested to get one and I am not able to figure out the name from the picture.

Sr.Sarguna 5 years ago

It is wonderful to know agreat personality like Mrs.Sudha Murthy. She is full of social concern. I wish to meet her in person.


poojarys arun 5 years ago

hi.......i really loved sudha murthy books....wise & otherwise...i enjoyed reading it like a real life is going on and passing my college book review competion will be helding on 19th december....and i have choosen sudha murthy (wise and other wise book) will be great for me to dis.

amol salunkhe 5 years ago

i want to talk with the sudha murthy , i'm chemical engg. from nipani dist- belgaum.i want to share some my thought with her my email & phone no is - & 9158636609 pls give me at least her email id.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 5 years ago from Tumkur Author

Dear friend,

I myself do not know her email ID. I don't know whether she knows or not, that I have made this blog on her.I feel it is you better write to her office address alone in Bangalore

Amith 5 years ago

Dear Sir, can i get Doller Sose in pdf format on net?

manjunath kulkarni 5 years ago

mam in north karnataka lot of students likes your articles...please give much seminars for north students about students life ... its our humble request

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 5 years ago from Tumkur Author

Dear S.B Priya,

I am giving this second rreplay much late.

M/S Sapna book House of Bangalore, are the publishers of all her books. They have their own website too. You can order for their books online. Perhaps you may be able to read online. Here is the link. Check it out

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 5 years ago from Tumkur Author

Mr. Amith,

You can get that book either on personally visiting Sapna book house, in Gandhi Nagar, Bangalore, or, ordering it online via-

Amit 4 years ago

Madame,can we expect an infosys branch at ur hometown hubli?

jyotik 4 years ago

mrs.Sudha mam....We read ur books.. its exelant. U wrote this books in a easy language, anyone can read this, so my 7 yr old boy can also enjoyed to read ur books...Thank.

Natasha lalwani 4 years ago

i would like to salute Mrs sudha murthy and her thoughts. The way she had written the book 'wise and otherwise' i liked it. I liked the way she describe people in it and her experience. I just want to thank her for writing it. I want her email id.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 4 years ago from Tumkur Author

I do not have it.

Jaya Murthy 3 years ago

Dear Prasad Jain,

I just read your compliments you wrote about me. Thak yu. I am Jaya Murthy from Pisa Itraly who has translated Sudha Murthy's nvel Dllar Sose into Italian.

I can try to translate Italian short stories in Kannada, kindly give me your contacts. this is my Id.


Jaya Murthy

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 3 years ago from Tumkur Author

Thank you sister. I shall write to you separately

God bless you and your family.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 3 years ago from Tumkur Author


I have replied to your mail personally.But,if you have not received my email, you can write to me at

soniya 3 years ago

i hate u bcoz u only write a story bt not write a story summay

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 3 years ago from Tumkur Author

You are free to feel whatever you want.Because ,there is no use in speaking to those who cannot understand.

Dr T.Dasappa 2 years ago

Sir/madam,Good morning.I Dr.T.Dasappa prof .of civil engg would like to contact miss Sudha madm either by phone or email.

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 2 years ago from Tumkur Author


I myself have not yet contacted her. I do not have her phone number. I suggest you to check the website - infosysfoundation .com

Penguin Books India 2 years ago


For fans of Mrs. Sudha Murty- Penguin India is hosting a writing contest seeking inspiring true-life stories. The top 20 entries will be published in a book by Penguin.

Details can be found here:

Please feel free to participate and to share the word with other friends of yours who are fond of Mrs. Murty’s writing.

Best wishes,

Penguin Books India

prasadjain profile image

prasadjain 2 years ago from Tumkur Author

It is a good idea by Penguins. Let there be more participation.

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