Inner Journeys

Artist: rioLa
Artist: rioLa | Source
Source: Cool
Source: Cool | Source
Source: (Fairy Wallpapers)
Source: (Fairy Wallpapers) | Source

In The Kingdom of Light
A beautiful lovely Queen lives
wise, compassionate, strong and powerful
conqueror of hearts, minds and souls
ah! but all that prestige comes with deep responsibilities
how many have known her stories?
how many have heard her inaudible weeping?
how often would people look beyond the surface veneer?
proudly she stands, chin raised, eyes looking afar
elegantly dressed just like a Queen should
outwardly stoic figure overseeing the needs of her people
inwardly compassionate adult embracing the shadows and subtleties
such strength, such character, is admired
yet it also occasionally attracts jealous bees and creepy stalkers
The Queen, looking intently into the distant land
longingly wondering about a distant relative

In The Kingdom of Shadow 
A psychic sensual Queen lives
creative, empathetic, magical and mysterious
specialty in stealth, shadow and subtleties
all that mystery comes with deep understanding
how many would listen to her stories?
how many would notice her unseen tears?
how many brave souls would venture into the shadow?
patiently she awaits, eyes fiercely shining, tone darkens
shadow armor magically woven with moonlight and water sapphire
outwardly gentle figure sympathizing with unfortunate events
inwardly fierce warrior penetrating the light and clarity
such dark and menacing character is feared
but it occasionally lures unwanted butterflies and busybodies
The Shadow Queen, her gaze piercing into the light
defying those who dare enter the Shadow World

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Sa`ge profile image

Sa`ge 6 years ago from Barefoot Island

Beautiful, wonderful piece. Thank you for such insight into what others might miss of those quiet strong souls who work so hard in service for many. You are beautiful. Have a grand holidays with a most prosperous and joy filled New Year. :D hugs :D

shimmering Dawn profile image

shimmering Dawn 5 years ago

Deep thoughts here Haikutwinkle. The outward person and the inner depth of the soul. I often wonder what likes behind a person when I meet an interesting soul. I am more interested in the thoughts and what goes on inside :)

A Lovely poem :)

liam 3 years ago

wow thats amazing beautiful

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