One Minute



In one minute you could take me to a place of euphoria,

but then in another minute, take me to a room of torture

In one minute I could be the most astonishing being,

but in another minute turn into less than an average women begging

In one minute we could be talking and making plans,

and in another minute you could turn cold and not give a damn

In one minute I could be the only women in you view,

and in another minute a new ‘She’ could be inked into a tattoo

In one minute the touch of your skin against mine could be warm,

and another minute my hand could feel its lifeless cold form

In this one minute everything could change,

But I promise I will devote my all to this one minute,

relish it in my heart, and thank God for every one minute,

that I breathed this minute into my world.

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mtariqsattar profile image

mtariqsattar 5 years ago from Karachi

Yes mostly its all about one good minute-very well expressed ranzi.

shanaya profile image

shanaya 5 years ago from Living in my Own Dreams:)

Dear Ranzi! Very TRUE & LOVELY poem you have written. You rhymed it very well.


phiphi profile image

phiphi 5 years ago from USA

Lovely poem and well expressed thumbs up.

Ranzi profile image

Ranzi 5 years ago from All Over Author

Thanks for all your lovely comments. :)

And thanks especially for taking out the time to read.

Cracknutcase profile image

Cracknutcase 5 years ago from India,bangalore

Lovely poem, beautifully expressed..

Great job..Voted up

MilesArmbruster profile image

MilesArmbruster 4 years ago from Somewhere on the journey

Powerful poem. Expressive of deep passion, yet done so with tenderness. I hope that your relationships in real life aren't quite so tumultuous.

Ranzi profile image

Ranzi 4 years ago from All Over Author

Thanks for reading and both your compliments Cracknutcase and Milesarmbruster.

Thanks :) I'm grateful that I don't have tumultuous relationships Milesarmbruster and have always been blessed by angels surrounding me.

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