Inside us

Who we are is not the who we want, the masks, the shade, the secrete front!

Behind the eyes, another us, another life, another lover,

It’s always their behind our mind, waiting, casting, seldom kind

Yes their life inside another one, deep within, beyond your sight.

Innocent you,worried about getting innocence lost ,

lost in things and with people around,

Why to mask up,live up a single life, life is beautiful

Why the segregation of personal and professional ?

The inside me has a spark and you have the same.

Make up,Break up,love and hatred is all forbidden

when you realise THE inside YOU!!! :)

Suprabha Raorane


Minnetonka Twin profile image

Minnetonka Twin 3 years ago from Minnesota

Really beautiful poetry. Many walk around with a mask and it's doing them no favors. Great writing.

Suprabha Raorane profile image

Suprabha Raorane 3 years ago from mumbai,india Author

Thanks a ton :)

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