Insomnia Reigns

I am awake as the night

ticks, tocks,

try to read myself to sleep to no avail.

Covers are heavy and I toss,

disturbing my sleeping spouse.

My body temperature rises

to a fever rank

along with anger.

The blanket is thrown off

with a whip of fabric.

The second night in a week

sleep abandoned me.

Frustration seeps through

my pores like tiny shards of glass.

I try my force of will,

little silent prayers to the goddess.

But now I’m so awake

I see I have to fulfill a purpose.

I rise and put away

all the tools of sleepiness.

My body is a stranger

alert, awake, ready to task,

I move with awkward solemnity.

Sneak into my office

take a deep breath,

close the door.

A quick peek back through

confirms my lover still sleeps.

Sit down to write,

Sleep can always find me later.

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Binaya.Ghimire 5 years ago

Beautiful words, perfectly phrased.

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