Inspiration For The Single Mother

To all the single mothers out there

You're left alone with a newborn baby.

You think to yourself "Can I raise this child"? Maybe.

With money real tight,

You'll do what's right.

You'll have to take help when it's there,

And always remember to comb your hair.

Just do what you can, do your best,

Then let your instincts handle the rest.

You may not have them now, but they will come.

Soon you'll be a better mother than some.

It's rough I know, I was there one time too,

But there's hope out there, even for you.

Trust the Lord, He'll show the way.

And soon you'll see a better day.

My experience

I can write things like this because I truelly have been in that situation. My oldest son's biological father was not around to help take care of him. I had to rely heavily on family and friends to help me. I remember countless nights of calling my mother up with questions of what to do about certain things and how to handle situations. Just have faith in yourself and you can raise that wonderful gift that you have been blessed with.

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