Inspirational Poem #11 Mistake

Mistake are part of being human
Everyone make them in different ways
Appreciate your mistake
Because mistake is part of life
Its part of who you are
From in and outside
But also learn from it
Mistake teach you a lesson

Who say everyone is perfect?
Nobody in this world are
Not even the president
Lord that doesn’t amazed me at all

Acknowledge your mistake
And then you moved on
That doesn’t mean to ignore it
But to used it to your advantage
And take it as a lesson
So you won’t the same mistake again

Mistake can always happen
Whether near or far
But always be proud
Because you are human
Mistake happen to all

Quote: ~ Don’t be ashamed of your mistake because making mistake is part of being human. Used your mistake as a lesson. Mistake is our teacher and this is one of the best teaching that you would learn. ~

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