Poem Inspired by a Musical Selection

Poetry Forum 1989

Airy the wind and far

sweeps through me

shrill, chill,


Close by the gale

I stand unbent.

Time without time

we are one,

the wind and I.


is the source.

How This Poem Came To Be

I used to attend the monthly meetings of the Pacifica Poetry Forum. It was an informal group of local poets who would take turns reading and sharing their works. Now and then, the hostess (owner of the bookstore where the meetings were held) would invite a guest poet, or other artist to join us. Many times, we were inspired by these visits, and the muse would strike and set a new poem forth from our pens. This is one such poem.

The guest on this day was a man named Preston Houser, who played a Japanese flute called a Shakuhachi.

The name of the tune was "Jimbo Sanya," and this is the poem it inspired. The video below is played by a different artist, but it is the same piece, despite a minor spelling variation. (While I found some things about Preston Houser online, they were articles or interviews, and not performances.)

Listen to the Tune

© 10-7-89 C. Elizabeth Carl
© 5-15-10 C. Elizabeth (Carl) Elias

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