Instant Pain!


In the heat of the moment,

            in the heat of the day,

                        you relent.

Give yourself over to

            sweet temptation

                        to quench the thirst.

Slide your hands

            around the vessel,

                        feel its coolness.

Then with your lips

            embrace the

                        slender tube.

Pull up a mighty draft

            revel in the sweet syrupy chill.

Savor the sensation

            as it slides on down

                        releasing your heat.

Ah, more, more,

            want more…

                        don’t stop now..

It’s so good.

Till sudden halt,

            and pull away

                        too much, too fast…

As you scream out,

            “BRAIN FREEZE!”

© 5-24-2010 C. Elizabeth Elias

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Money Glitch profile image

Money Glitch 6 years ago from Texas

LOL! Yep, that what happens alright. I remember once, I drunk something ice cold and fast like that and had the worst headache for about 30 afterward. Now, I try to take it slow as much as possible. :)

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