Instant Sparks Fly

Instant sparks fly
dreams arrive
precious memories
forever come alive.

Lost in your eyes
it is just a beautiful dream
the safest place on earth
where no one ever leaves.

Future aspects I dream
I try to stay awake
some how we fall asleep
all the things I used to believe.

Deceptions that never left hugs
Lies that never gave confidence
the madness everyone tries
to leave.
Some things in the past you
never need.

All the misconceptions
someone wants you to believe
broken perceptions
broken glass glimmering
in bubbled mazes of light
it used to be a bad dream.

I used to be a insomniac
worried, I'd fall into anxiety
I listened to someone's cheap false beliefs
I wouldn't pay fifty cents
for someone else's false reality.

Love brings you inner peace
All the prayers, I say before I fall asleep
I rather glide on angels wings
God's eternal love never leaves
your heart broken at the seams.


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